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Sprinkler Technology

Continual developments in sprinkler design and nozzle technology have greatly improved water application efficiency and uniformity over the years and this enhanced performance can yield considerable benefits to fine turf.

● New Generation Controllers

Simpler programming and adjustment result in ultimate control for precision irrigation.

● Variable speed pumps

Greater pumping efficiency reduces waste energy, simplifies automatic operation and can facilitate larger motor capacity on limited electricity supplies.



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Using the latest satellite GPS equipment (global positioning by satellite) we can survey your course and produce detailed and accurate plans.

The data is processed with various software, including AutoCAD, and can be used “raw” or combined with Ordnance Survey information, or aerial photography to produce a final presentation detailing all course features.

Both the survey and data processing are carried out in house and final presentation can be provided on paper plans and CD.

● Water Licensing and Water Harvesting

Increased water charges, the threat of water restrictions in dry periods and changes in abstraction licensing policy mean local water harvesting and catchment of winter water runoff may be considered as a practical and lower cost alternative to existing irrigation water supplies.

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Our irrigation system designs are carried out in house by our experienced and qualified design team. We provide the highest quality, efficient systems, offering longevity, minimal running costs and maximum customer satisfaction.

The selection of an irrigation contractor is all to often made based on price alone. Prime Irrigation offers more than simply competitive rates - with quality design and products together with professional and competent installation. We will work closely with you throughout your entire project from Concept to Commissioning so whatever irrigation projects you may be considering , large or small, contact us now for  initial informal advice on a no fee basis.



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