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With versatility and flexibility in mind Prime Irrigation can design a system to suit the various sizes of  pitch  found across the UK.

Systems are installed with the minimum of disturbance to the playing surface.

Water from a storage tank of sufficient capacity is pumped by a suitable three-phase vertical multistage pump around a ring main buried in the perimeter of the pitch. Part circle pop-up sprinklers with integral solenoid controlled valves are positioned around the perimeter of the pitch and connected to the ring main with flexible and adjustable connections. An irrigation controller is connected by a series of wires, installed along with the water ring main, to each sprinkler and solenoid controlled valve.

At a user defined time an irrigation programme is initiated by the controller and each of the sprinklers is operated in turn for a specific period depending on the water application required.

Water is applied gently and evenly ensuring uniformity of growing and playing conditions.

Generally an application rate of 4mm can be applied over a 2 hour irrigation cycle.

Dependent on water mains input and water storage capacity the irrigation cycle can be repeated on a regular basis throughout the day.





















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The Irtec 40/130 Sports Hose Reel Irrigator can cover an average sized sports pitch in two runs (12-14 hours).

We can design a system utilising the Irtec irrigator running off hydrants located around the pitch on an installed underground main. These systems usually require a tank and pump but may run from a mains supply with adequate pressure available.

Follow the link below for further information on the Irtecís specification or please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.